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Welcome to Prince George Auto Wrecking

Prince George Auto WreckingWe can supply and install parts for every known vehicle on the road today.

With over 5000 salvage vehicles on 30 acres of land we should have the right part for you. If we dont, we should be able to locate your part on our parts network.

Prince George Auto Wrecking is your best choice for all auto and light truck parts. Chevrolet / GM, Ford and Dodge / Chrysler car, truck, mini van, SUV and import auto parts are what we are all about.

Prince George Auto Wrecking has been "recycling" auto parts since 1940 - with a 120 day written warranty on all parts sold!
Call or email us with your auto part needs today.


Prince George Auto Wrecking is proud to be the

2018 Premiere Sponsor of PGARA

Prince George Auto Wrecking is also honoured to support Mini Stock car #13 driven by Tiffany Rose Verkaik


Prince George Auto Wrecking is a Proud Member of...

Automotive Retailers Association

The Automotive Retailers Association aims to promote the advancement of the automotive industry through education, representation and member services in order to maintain a high standard of professionalism while protecting the safety and satisfaction of the motoring public.
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BC Auto Recyclers Division

The B.C. Auto Recyclers division (B-CAR) represents the interests of automobile recycling businesses (wreckers, used parts dealers, etc.). They insure that a number of things contained in End-of-life vehicles are properly handled and disposed of in order to protect the environment.
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The purpose of AREA is to develop and implement an Environmental Certification Program for the automotive recycling industry. Currently there are 140 automotive recyclers enrolled in AREA’s Environmental Certification Program. 
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Green Parts

Authentic Green Recycled Parts are available through select ARA members. These parts are good for the environment, good for your vehicle, good for your wallet. they an save you an average of 50% while also being environmentally friendly.
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Prince George Chamber of Commerce

Your Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization comprised of member businesses, professionals, residents and other community groups working together to ensure a healthy economic and socio-economic base to benefit the entire community.
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